• Sürülebilir Ürünler

    Spreadable Products

    Our delicious product range comes to the fore with its spreadable products, which are one of the indispensable ones, with natural and uncommon taste and flavor in the sector.

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  • Kaşar ve Mozarella Ürünleri

    Kashkaval and Mozzarella Products

    We have made the indispensable flavor that we have given to our cheese products with natural milk more indispensable.

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  • Geleneksel Peynir Ürünleri

    Traditional Cheese Products

    Traditionally, we offer you the best flavor and the highest quality service to our customers with the cheese flavors that you cannot forget the taste.

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  • Tereyağ Ürünleri

    Butter Products

    We combine natural milk and love in our butter products and deliver them to your meals. Our aim is to conquer your heart with this flavor and to remain at its peak with taste.

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  • Krema Ürünleri

    Cream Products

    We offer this incredible taste to our valued customers in the most beautiful, top quality and most hygienic places. Our quality continues to spread throughout Turkey.

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  • Toz Ürünler

    Powder Products

    Lactic acid is important for the naturalness. The nature and naturalness of the foods are important while making cheese and its varieties. We care them not to be spoiled.

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We are the experienced dairy who have come to Karaman to offer our interpretation to domestic and foreign markets with the quality milks of Tauros and Konya plain. We do business that we know well. Slava Süt, which is a foreign capital investment has been produced product while it caters to industrial products such as milk powder, Rennet Casein and Sodium on the other hand, it produces the marginal consumer product with its products such as Cheese Varieties, Labneh, Kaymak, Butter.